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Tubal Ligation Reversal is the Second Chance to have BABY
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Are the costs of Tubal Reversal operation covered by Insurance?
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A woman who has had a tubal ligation and now decides to become pregnant. has two primary choices:

Adiana Reversal

Adiana Reversal is a successful treatment. We are here to make Adiana Reversal , Adrian Removal and Adiana Tubal Ligation Reversal affordable, comfortable and successful. Adrian Removal, Essure Removal and Adiana Reversal procedure require almost the same procedure to reverse them. Contrary to common misconception that Essure and Adiana devices can not be removed, our Surgical center doctors master not only removing the tubal coils but also, re-connecting the fallopian tubes so that women will have a Second chance to Get Pregnant.

We work with patients from all over the USA and Canada for tubal reversal. Tubal ligation reversal , Adiana removal and Adiana Reversal and Essure Removal and Essure Reversal . We offer an excellent opportunity for couples to expand or start a family. Our patients came from anywhere in the world. Predominantly, our patients for tubal reversal procedure came from the USA and Canada. Our highly qualified tubal reversal doctors have outstanding success rates which make our practice a affordable and logical choice for patients throughout the United States.
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In the SILVERLAKE VIRGIL SURGICAL CENTER we accept the following payment:

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Out of town Patients came from anywhere in the world predominant our patients for tubal reversal procedure came from USA and Canada. [For more info click here]

Adiana Tubal Reversal Surgery

An Adiana Tubal Reversal Procedure is a very effective way to give women a Second Chance at pregnancy.
A woman who has had a tubal ligation and now decides to become pregnant. has two primary choices: Adiana Tubal Ligation Reversal surgery or In Vitro Fertilization(IVF). The differences are clear and simple, though the decision is quite personal.
Adiana Tubal Ligation Reversal surgery is often preferable, though it does require more skill than IVF. A single operation usually what is need it to re-establish fertility for the woman. The IVF process may require several attempts before a successful pregnancy results. There is a 20-35% chance of successful impregnation with each trial. This can mean extra expenses and time and frustration while the woman awaits pregnancy
Adiana Tubal Reversal Surgery normally takes two to three hours and is done our center under general anesthetic. In order to make your fallopian tubes functional again doctor will remove any devices that have been inserted during the original tubal ligation

Insurance Guidelines

Are the costs of Tubal Reversal operation covered by Insurance?
We accept a variety of insurance carriers and plans. If after Tubal Ligation Procedure for example you are having menstrual irregularities, hair loss, headaches, hemorrhage , pain any of these symptoms discuss it with doctor. Your Insurance could cover medically necessary portion of your procedure.
You may submit information regarding your insurance carrier to our Patient/Insurance coordinator department. Our staff without cost to you will verify your insurance coverage and determine if your insurance covers the procedure.

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What are my chances of getting pregnant?

For women under 40 years of age, an Adiana tubal reversal done using the traditional surgical procedures offers an excellent change of conceiving. Conception usually occurs in the first year following the procedure.
An Adiana Tubal Reversal significantly increases your chances of becoming pregnant. However, there is no guarantee; some women find they still cannot conceive after a reversal.

The success of surgery to reverse a tubal ligation depends on:

  • The tubal ligation method that was originally used. Clips and rings (such as the Hulka clip, Filshie clip, and Falope rings) are successfully reversed the most often. Electrocautery is least likely to be successfully reversed.
  • Time: The less time that has passed since the tubal ligation was done
  • Depending on the method used for tubal ligation and how much of the fallopian tube is damaged after tubal ligation, success rates for reversals are about 70% to 80%.

Is Adiana Tubal Reversal A Good Option For Me?

Not all women who have had a tubal ligation will be able to have the procedure reversed. During your initial assessment for the procedure, your fertility specialist will examine the current health of your fallopian tubes, most likely through laparoscopy. How your tubal ligation was done (whether your fallopian tubes were cut, tied, cauterized or non-surgically blocked)

  • Your current age and health conditions
  • The method used in your original ligation
  • The location in your fallopian tubes where the sterilization occurred
  • How much of your fallopian tubes remains to be treated

We accept a variety of insurance carriers and plans. Your Insurance could cover medically necessary portion of your procedure. For example if u have had headaches, pain, haemorrhage, menstrual irregularities, hair loss after tubal ligation procedure. If you have any of these symptoms be sure to discuss it with our care consultant and doctor.

Reversal Microsurgery

It is possible to reverse tubal ligations with tubal microsurgery. This procedure has a fast recovery rate and a high rate of fertility after surgery.
Reversal surgery is often very successful for women who have had tubal ligations. We want to ensure that your tubal reversal surgery is affordable, comfortable, and successful. To do this, we will ensure that you have access to all options available for sterilization reversal.


In our Surgical Center compare to number of other Surgical Center we prefer General Anesthesia , in which case you'll sleep through the entire operation and do not feel any pain.


i would just like to say thank you for surgery. 1 year after i had my tubal reversal. we tried again and unfortunately it was a tubal pregnancy which was about 2 weeks ago, so we thank god for our little miracle isaac. thank you again.

Amber Macias

This is Alexis ….. thanks to the tubal reversal your office performed for me she is now a thriving 8 months old I i have a feeling i would of had gotten pregnant not to long after my surgery but my husband ended up getting deployed overseas for 9 months shortly after the procedure. Once he came hom it only took 6 weeks for me to become pregnant. Thank you.